Glockbusters indeed!

One of our favourite quizzes on The Crates; each week we provide 3 cryptic clues along with the initials of famous rappers, DJs, groups etc and you have to guess the answers before the end of the show in order to select a track for us to play.

These are some of the clues we have used in the past:

when you buy your weed, see if the devil can sell you anything else. DLS

Ill gave a coffee this time, Im sick of tetleys - T M T

Shirleys has nicked Giant Haystacks new walking stick - B D K

Delboys brother is spending a penny - R P

Hes a bit of a wrongun but its just the way he is - N B N

Mohammed and his mates got cut in half - S P

Theyve nicked that arthritic skeleton and want some money before they give it back

There were a few of these after the Munich air crash - D P

Those paedophiles look like theyve got fleas - S P

I love the feel of this velvet on my skin, its lovely - N & S

The Leader of the masons is wearing a lot of jewellery - G F

Im sick of those refugees asking for change - F B

Hes got the clap all over his top half, whats going on there? - C P

He'll never pass his science GCSE with spelling like that - P

He cant afford to buy a crib for his baby so he'll have to rent one instead. - L S

He takes a 9 in a slipper but for outdoor footwear he prefers a size bigger - T

Whats he doing? Hes nicked the speed - R B

Fuck the naughty step, give it a slap - P C

That guy who can never finish his words has caught the clap - S P

This guy cant get served anywhere in Germany - N

The Jamaicans have invented a vacuum cleaner too heavy for women to use - R M

Get off that hay, its mine. - M

He likes nothing better than celebrating with a spliff after making a batch of prize winning marmalade - J M J

Pandas have eaten everything below the wrists - B H

Where the Rovers keep their pickled eggs - I

catch some rays here while youre working out - s j

The only reason to take a branding iron into a hive. - M B

That german lighting rig is a bit special - D E

That hoodlum has been on the roundabout again - D R

Dont hit him with the spade, use the spiky thing - R

You might be poorly, but not as poorly as that racist from Big Brother. - J D

He looks like a crocodile, and he always fibs about eating the dairylea. - K S

Itll take ages to get served in this shop, all the comprehensive kids are on their lunch break - S Q

He's nicked the Man United managers winter coat - L P

Take her to the states and get your fingers wet - T B

The jamaicans are making the rapper jog - R D

I wouldnt want to live there, it sounds like agony - H O P

I know you said you want to sit in the front seat but youve got it backwards - G

dont step on my blue suede shoes - S

The muslims would kill for an icy spliff - L L C J

Dont fancy drinking from that stream, its filthy - D D

Off Piste - SL

This new gp can see 8 patients at once - D O

If you lose the petrol can, use that birds face. - J B

write the foootball results on that book of maps - S

Your backside has been working out, you can see the muscles - A

Those young lads are clearly posessed - D B

Pointless giing to the beach, all you hear is complaining - C

That tramp is a stickler for formalities - M S

that irish fella's lead vocal channel - M M

That famous female artist is playing the head of MI6 in the bond film - E

If you want to play Ska in this club you'll have to speak to the management - TTC

Hes got a gun that fires compost! - P C

the twin brothers have been squashed between 2 glaciers - CCB

Hes so sharp he might cut himself - B

Dont bring the hound, he can stay in the house - L D

Hes juggling with TNT, thats pretty clever - D

If wasps tie girls, what would happen to the lads? - B B

When this guy performs he demands his dressing room is filled with cans of Edam and Cheddar - T S

He can cross over that country fence no problem - S C

The red Teletubbie has got a new motor - c

That baby kangaroo has got a shocking case of nappy rash - J B

Squeeze that Yiddish fella through the seive - S U

He'll need his arse washed after rubbing his tongue on the bar floor - P E

He loves to chew on his old metal cooker - N

That Mackem defender has a brother called Richard - R

They'll chin you for looking like a tramp - DOS

If you fancy a dip in the ocean, why not go to the moon? - L C

Im sick and tired of the digits on my feet asking for things all the time - T D

Theyre all hard of hearing but one is worse than all the others - MD

A Scottish West Ham fan - MCH

A plug socket which dispenses ketchup - MS

His raincoat is made of cocaine - C M

That shooter is a bit warm - G

Well that trip to the coin-operated toilet was a complete debacle. - L F